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Pub FAQs

These are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for please Contact Us.

  1. Does it cost me to use

                                    No, its free to use.                                
  2. How do I list my venue?

                                    You can register your venue on the Register your pub page.                                
  3. I have forgotten my login details, what do I do?

                                    Contact us and we will be happy to reset it.                                
  4. What happens when pub credits have been purchased for my pub?

                                    When pub credits are purchased for use in your pub you will receive a notification text to the mobile phone registered to your page. This will tell you how much the credit is for and who it was bought for.(Please note that paypal will take a charge from this amount, 20p plus 3.4%).
    The text will  have a generated unique  identification number. The recipient of the credit will also receive the same text with the same number. They will simply present it at your bar to receive the credit. Check that both id numbers match.
    We recommend you record the date and time the credit was redeemed.
    Details of your credits can be seen when you log in to your account.                                
  5. Somebody has uploaded a photo I think is inappropriate what should I do?

                                    You decide what is to be displayed on your pub page. All photos that are uploaded have to be approved, so If you find it inappropriate you can decline or delete it.                                
  6. How can I improve my rating on Gr8NiteOut?

                                    Our rating system is based on the interaction between you and your customers on your page. You can improve your rating by advertising jobs or running competitions (by getting the answers by text or email, you can comply contact details for your customers).
    Offer a monthly/weekly prize for the best customer photo etc Anything that generates a buzz and gets people onto your page. 
    Update your information frequently so your customers know to visit your page for the most up to date information.                                
  7. How do I edit my pub profile?

                                    Log in, on the top right corner it says "Hi and your username, click the arrow and it gives you two options, edit profile or view pub page, click edit profile, in the pink box click what you want to change, then make the changes and save