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(UK) When is it legal to refus...

                                                Following the recent judgement on Travelers and Wetherspoons, where exactly does the law stand on refusal of entry?
According to legal specialist Popperton Allen, a Licensee still has the right to refuse entry but the reason for the refusal must not be unlawful.Equality Legislation makes it un...


(UK) Bailiffs

                                                There are still 29 pubs a week closing in the UK and many will be visited by Bailiffs. Citizens Advice has issued the following.

Fees bailiffs can charge

When bailiffs act against you, they are allowed to charge certain fees, which you are responsible for paying. There are also other ch...


Personal licence renewals abol...

                                                Publicans who's personal licence expire on or after 01 April 2015 will not need to apply for a renewal the Government has confirmed.
Having previously stated that renewals would be abolished, they provided no date when this would come into practice until now. Lost or stolen licenses will n...


Scientists say Men needs night...

                                                It is the news no long-suffering wife wanted to hear: scientists have proved that every man needs a good night out with his friends.
According to the research, male bonding is more likely to lower a man's stress levels than a night out with 


Andrew Griffiths MP calls for ...

                                                Andrew Griffith, All party Parliamentary Beer group Chairman has called for a further cut in beer duty in the 2015 udget.
The Burton MP said he welcomed the end of the beer escalator and the duty cuts in both the 2013 and 2014 budgets but said a further cut would secure jobs in the sector, hel...


Beer tie scrapped.

                                                There has been numberous articles since the Government voted to scrap the beer tie  questioning if its a good or a bad thing, will pubs benefit or suffer from this?
If your a big PubCo who has been raking in billions of pounds from hard working licensees then your profits will suffer!


Drinkaware launches new campai...


Being drunk is no excuse for sexual harassment on nights out; it’s time to put a stop to it.
As almost half a million new students look forward to Freshers’ Week, new research into binge drinking among young people highlights the extent of unwanted s...


Make some noise!

                                                The Morning Advertiser has launched a campaign to protect established pubs and bars that have been threatened with closure due to noise complaints.
The aim is to unite the industry and lobby the Government into implementing an " agent of change principle"...


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