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A beautiful bar in London

Posted on 08th, Oct 2019

The Connaught Bar

There are numerous beautiful bars in London but not many can compete with The Connaught Bar. Sometimes the occasion requires something really special and The Connaught fits every Occasion.

Set inside the five-star Mayfair hotel The Connaught, the place has an elegant-as-all-hell décor of textured silver-leaf walls, a period plasterwork ceiling, dark leather ‘alligator-skin’ armchairs and shimmering, dimmed lighting, all put together by legendary interior guru David Collins. Tucked away at the back of the hotel lobby, it has the feel of a secret bank vault, with intimate, date-worthy banquette nooks; quirky silver gateways either side of the bar; and glossy black archways between the seating


Brought to your seat and made just to your liking, the much-fabled Connaught Martini Trolley experience makes it worth ordering one, even if you have no intention of drinking it (though this would be a travesty and a waste of the exclusive handmade bitters used to make it). You’ll have a choice of lavender, coriander, cardamom, ginger, grapefruit, vanilla and liquorice flavours. Good luck with that.

The Connaught Bar is open daily from 11am to 1am (midnight on Sundays). They take walk-ins only, and you can find out more on their website


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