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Coca Cola launches Signature mixers

Posted on 25th, Sep 2019
Coca Cola has launched a new range of four specially crafted drinks, designed to be mixed primarily with premium dark spirits.  

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers builds on the brand’s longstanding reputation as the original, authentic mixer enjoyed across the world. The range will roll out into grocery outlets in Great Britain from June, in wholesale, license and major multiples.

The range of premium colas are available in four distinctive cola flavours, created to provide a sophisticated accompaniment to dark spirits. Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Smoky Notes by Max Venning contains Ylang Ylang, dried fruit and warm brown spices, with subtle hints of oak. Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Spicy Notes by Adriana Chia and Pippa Guy is mixed with lime, ginger and jalapenos to provide a fiery finish. Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Herbal Notes by Antonio Naranjo is blended with dill leaves, citrus and lemongrass for a refreshing taste. Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Woody Notes by Alex Lawrence has a tart citrus flavour provided by patchouli, yuzu and basil. Some of the range mix particularly well with some clear spirits, for example Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Herbal Notes goes well with premium vodka.

I look forward to trying them out in the near future.


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