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Alcohol mist sold in Clubs

Posted on 21st, Sep 2019
A new craze is sweeping through clubs is inhaling vaporised vodka

The alcohol goes straight into your lungs, then bloodstream making you immediately drunk! Produced by US Firm Vapshot, the company boasts that it's the "future of the alcohol industry" and a safer way of consuming spirits. It follows the popularity of inhaling nitrous oxide, also known as "hippy crack" or laughing gas.
One of the clubs it's being sold at is the Gallery in Kent where it has proven a hit with revellers. When inhaled the effects are almost instantaneous and last for around 20 minutes.
'The future of the alcohol industry" I'm not so sure.
Paying £5 to inhale vodka from a balloon in a club will never, in my opinion, become the normal in your local pub.
Inhaling a vapour to get instantly drunk is very wrong and takes away the social aspect of enjoying a leisurely drink with your friends.
For now, the  only balloons in my pub will be for decoration!

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