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Pub chain that banned swearing and mobile phones shuts branch for breaking rules

Posted on 06th, Aug 2019

Can you ban swearing in a pub?
A pub has been closed after staff allowed drinkers to flout rules banning the F-word and sending texts, regulars believe.
Officials from Sam Smiths are thought to have turned up at the Cheshire Midland pub in Hale, Greater Manchester, and found customers were swearing and using their mobile phones, which is against their rules.
The chain introduced the phone rule last year to encourage people to talk to one another and foul language was banned in 2017. Anyone wanting to use their phone must go outside. Owner of the brewery Humphrey Smith, 74, also banned jukeboxes, slot machines and televisions in previous edicts.

Although I can understand where My Smith is coming from, I feel it's a step too far. Can you honestly ask your customers to go outside to use their phones, this act alone would cause the no swearing rule to be broken!

Can you interupt a private, low volume conversation by asking a customer to not swear?  I personally think that takes policing too far but someone swearing loudly when theres children around or they are annoying other customers then they need to be told.

Some people swear and some don't, it's their personal choice. Personally, I am a potty mouth and I can't tell you how many times I have repremanded a customer who was swearing at the top of his voice at the tv screen, with the words " If you don't stop f*#k'n swearing, you're going OUT!

Like everything, theres a time and a place. 


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