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Drinks ordering app

Posted on 28th, Nov 2018
Is there a flaw in new drink ordering apps?
I've recently been asked a lot about new technology which allows you to order drinks or meals to your table from your phone.
My name is Sheila Gaughan and I am the creator of the Gr8niteout app, which lets drinks be bought from any location and used in  any Bar registered to the Gr8niteout website.
The Gr8niteout app differs because you have got to take the app to the bar to redeem the credit.
In a time where Customer experience is of paramount importance why did I not let drinks be ordered to your table, cutting out waiting time?
The answer is simple, one of the easiest ways to see if a person has had too much to drink is to see them walk. This is something that all good bar staff around the world do to ensure that nobody gets dangerously drunk. Some people when they are intoxicated dont get loud, they dont behave drunk but nobody under the influence can walk sober!
Licensees like myself take your wellbeing very seriously, we want you to have a great night out but we also  want to keep you safe!
In house apps are on the rise but most, unlike the Gr8niteout app,  are not designed by a Licensee.
Sooner or later someone will slip passed the detection of the bar staff and get hurt or worse and questions will have to be answered.


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