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Push for prosecco

Posted on 31st, Jan 2018
We have all seen how Prosecco sales has sored over the last year so much so that a swansea restaurant has installd a "push for Prosecco button"

They say they are the first in South Wales to have the buttons where guests can expect attentive waiting staff to deliver their chosen tipple to their table.

They have been installed around the bar area and say: "Push for prosecco, gin, vodka, whiskey."

The Ernest Hemingway quote: "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut" is also written on the signs.

Restaurant owner, Jason Hole said: “While the fancy London restaurant has a ‘push for Champagne’ button we feel that the Swansea market deserve to have their favourite tipple at the push of a button – prosecco!”

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