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(UK) Pubs paying more than £500 million more than their fair share of business rates.

Posted on 09th, Jul 2015
The British Beer and Pub Association has called for an "urgent reform" after finding England's pubs are paying almost six more times in business rates than can be justified by their turnover.Pubs are paying an annual tax bill that is £500 million above what they should be paying. Many high street businesses are being damaged by unfairness in our rating system but it is a big problem for pubs in particular.
Findings have shown that pubs/bars pay 2.8% of the total UK business rates bill but account for just 0.5 per cent of business turnover. The BBPA wants an urgent overhaul and a system that more closely reflects modern Britian's economy,including online sales  instead of the current purely property based system. 

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