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(UK) When is it legal to refuse entry?

Posted on 01st, Jun 2015
Following the recent judgement on Travelers and Wetherspoons, where exactly does the law stand on refusal of entry?
According to legal specialist Popperton Allen, a Licensee still has the right to refuse entry but the reason for the refusal must not be unlawful.Equality Legislation makes it unlawful to refuse entry on the grounds of race, religion, sex or sexual orientation or disability amoungst other things.
At the same time, every Licensee has a duty to promote the Licensing Objectives and if allowing a customer or customers into your premises would undermine these objectives then it is lawful to refuse entry.
If for example your reason is that person is a known troublemaker then it is lawful.
Its when there is outright discrimination or stereotyping of classes of people that discrimination occurs and is unlawful.  

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