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Beer tie scrapped.

Posted on 20th, Dec 2014
There has been numberous articles since the Government voted to scrap the beer tie  questioning if its a good or a bad thing, will pubs benefit or suffer from this?
If your a big PubCo who has been raking in billions of pounds from hard working licensees then your profits will suffer!
If you are a Licensee who works silly hours a week for bearly a wage and all the money you make is going to pay  your huge bills, paying  high rent, and outrageous beer bills then you will greatly benefit.
Pubcos will make their money back somehow, that we can guarantee, they will not take this situation lightly, they say "we will not have the money to invest in properties without a tie." 
I myself was tied to both Enterprise Inns and Admiral tavern over an 8 year period and if your wondering  how much money was invested by the PubCos over that time periods it was a big fat zero! So if I was still a tied pub I wouldn't lose any sleep about lost investments and I would be joining our freeholder buying group to drastically reducing my weekly beer spend.

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