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Reduce your VAT

Posted on 20th, Oct 2014
Minister Brandon Lewis recently said that George Osborne would not consider reducing our vat. Lewis said at the ALMR Spring Conference last week:" I'll be straight with you and you might not like the answer, but there's no chance.

Kate Nicholls, strategic affairs director at the ALMR, said" We know that the industry will not be able to unlock its true potential to generate jobs,growth and investment in communities up and down the country until the disparities in the tax and regulatory regime which favour supermarkets at the expense of pubs and bars are addressed " We continue to work to highlight this to ministers and politicians across a range of business taxes and costs, including VAT." While the Government sits on their hands and continue to let 30 pubs close every week, we need to take action!

Gr8niteout has started a Government petition to cut VAT for pubs to 5%, We need to get as many signatures as we possible, ask your bar staff and give details to your regulars, encouraging them to sign it.

Lets make the Government sit up and take notice......for once!


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